Naked Hysteria in a Cum Lacquered Cell

This is the second chapter of the misanthropic adventures of a junkie named Smith (now reread that five times fast), titled: "Naked Hysteria in a Cum Lacquered Cell". If you haven't already read the first chapter, you can find it on my blog titled: "Sick and Longing for a Walgreens Bathroom". DISCLAIMER: NOT FOR CHILDREN … Continue reading Naked Hysteria in a Cum Lacquered Cell


Bad Script Reading

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much. Thank you. Before we discuss the Paris accord, I'd like to begin with an update on my tremendous, Big, big, absolutely tremendous, and big power. I am very, very tremendous, and big, believe me. (APPLAUSE) Thank you, thank you. You know, I was elected to represent Big, big business … Continue reading Bad Script Reading


Thank you very much. Swamp of government, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, members of violent crime ... (APPLAUSE) ... the first lady of the United States, and citizens of America –– tonight, I am here to deliver a message of hate and evil in all of its very ugly forms. Tonight, we are reminded of our … Continue reading ANOTHER BAD SCRIPT READING

Bestiality’s in; Homosexuality’s Out

So, Disney has managed to slip a homosexual reference into their new film “Beauty and the Beast”, and like clockwork, the zealots are ready to boycott. The new Beast is the studio’s latest live-action rendition of their animated classics. Reimagining their animated films as live-action counterparts appears to be Disney’s latest in cheap, cinematic trends; … Continue reading Bestiality’s in; Homosexuality’s Out