The world is full of fuck, so fuck it all.

With overgrown mounds of earth rising like ancient crypts of the sun, and

where looming palms line the highway like manicured streetlamps

displaying the brilliance of their phallic order-

American perversion taking the world by storm.

A child wonders at their father

‘Does everyone feel this disgusting?’

The pederast reading scripture or the chain smoker coughing hysterically into the obits.

Nervous murmurs of tepid thoughts making their way through shopping malls with vacant stares masked behind credit card blinders.

Outside, rusty chain-link fence surrounding a fortune 500,

The richer they are the cheaper they feel,

I can’t wait to put in my resume.

Junky preaching the glory days of smack on the corner of 52 south,

nervously chewing his fingers then hungrily lapping at the blood spilling from his wounds while the sky’s anger subsides into a quiet winter’s grey,

a fat man passes the bus stop, slouched within the steed of his laziness and wheezing for breath as he rounds the corner-

the equivalence to running in a chair.

Old world religions clinging to their waste

Kurt Cobain wannabe’s, and everyone’s a veteran on veterans’ day.

Middle-aged speakers hang in a large ventricular sky,


resembling old television sets quietly reserved for seniors on geriatric night

who descend further into the back with low, sullen eyes

unable to carry a suspecting truth which has left them terribly bent,

heavy with nostalgia and whose voices

cackle accusations of events forever burned into their hearts

—-Jonathan Renfield


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